PMO Services

Indisys Business Solutions improves PMO performance with approaches that have been implemented and tested over a long period and across many organisations and industry sectors.

PMO Deployment, Operation, and Improvement

For many years, we have been developing PMOs and embedding best practice for our clients, providing expert knowledge and scaleable tools that create value and performance driven PMO.

Project Portfolio Management (PPM)

Indisys project portfolio management (PPM) approach helps our client in selection of projects in a manner that ensures alignment to strategy and productive allocation of resources without compromising the flexible and agile operation of project delivery to maximize returns.

Project Management Maturity Assessment and Improvement

In collaboration with our clients, we assess the current level of maturity, develop the improvement plan, and support the execution and monitor the improvements against agreed measurements.

Organizational Change Management

As market, societal and environmental conditions and requirements change, organisation’s strategy must evolve in response to these changes. Success execution of organisation’s strategy depends on the organisatinal cultural shift. We help organisations identify the changes required and support the change programme in order to stay relevant and profitable.

Project Management Methodology Implementation

A common project methodology is one of the key foundations of an organisation’s project culture. We work collaboratively with our clients to develop an agreed workable standard methodology that will be easily adopted within the organisation and enrich the project culture.

Project Management Coaching and Mentoring

Our aim is to work with our clients’ project managers and their teams to develop competency and build capacity for the organisation. This will be an opportunity for growth and increased project delivery success rate.

Resource Management

We support our clients in understanding their resource pool, the resource allocation and utilisation, the current assignment approach and analyse the information in order to develop a lean process that fits the organisation.